As you know I’ve stop sharing toku raws all together and for good,but in a way I might be getting back into the sharing game. As soon as I finish all my anime downloading/encoding. I’m thinking of creating my own forums for anime only. It will contains subed shows from the internet and raws. It wont be like my days of toku raws though. I wont be sharing a lot. It will be from time to time. Also my creation will include a lot stricter rules then what I had when I was serving toku raws. Plus I most likely wont advertize it to HJU or rangerboard. Not, because I dislike any of you,but I want this to be my own baby and not be assoicated with my past at all. Call it a fresh start. If people from there want to share anime that’s no problem,but it will not have any thing toku related period! It will be strictly anime and anime music. Finally,this is on in the early stages. I still got to finish my downloading/encoding,set up new forums,website,etc. But I will keep you up to date as things progress.