Just finished another blu-ray burn and guess how many data dvds I got left? Well over 500.. lmao! I knew I download a lot of anime/toku over the years,but boy was I junkie. If thier was a metal for king of dvd junk. I would probably win it hands down. Also during this week I watched parts of the NBA Finals. Boy,do I enjoy watching Lebron fail badly. Although I think Miami will win thier next 2 games at home. To me this finals proves one thing. Lebron will never be in Jordan or Kobe’s class. If they want to compare him to Magic. That’s ok,because that’s who he is. He’s was never on Kobe or Jordan level. He was just placed thier by a biased media. A media like Espn that paid him money to advertize is choose to go to Miami. To see them eat crow as well is great. Maybe Espn will finally stop pimping him,but I doubt it. Finally,the beast issue. I got no problem with her pming me on irc or msn,but all damn day for the past week? That just way overkill! You think she have a life of her own instead or pming me like a stalker. I’m not ryuu damn it! Stalk him or better yet stalk Kari. She might like it… Well,untill next time peace from your favorite kitty Momo!