Well,the Holiday weekend almost done and I had fun. I lost my cell phone. I had Aunt come over that would never leave and I continue to get pms from people that can’t take no more raw sharing for an answer. First my cell phone. I got no clue where I lost it. All I know is it’s not in my house. I tried calling my number and no ring in the building. It’s the first time I ever lost one. Lucky,my uncle has a replacement for me. Second on my aunt. Don’t get me wrong I love my aunt,but she was at my house from 8 am to 4 pm. That just way to long for anyone. Thirdly,the pms of death! I get it people you want to say goodbye or rant about me leaving. Maybe try talking me out of it. The problem is I’m no longer interested. I made that clear in several places. It’s like beating a dead horse! Plus why would I even entertain the thought of coming back. After you made it clear out the door I was some evil prick that owes you everything. See how little sense that makes. Frankly,those comments that people gave me on my way out. Made it that I will never ever want anything to do with you guys again. I was already out the door,because I no longer wanted to take part in sharing. The comments made it that I will never have respect for any of you again. That a shame too,because I really wanted to leave on a high note. Any ways,I say this for the billion time. Momo is no longer a raw share period. No more pms please! Finally,I got through another series of anime recodes and should be getting my blu-ray blank disc this week. 25 gb of burning fun,baby! That one thing I love about my blu-ray burner. I can fit about 30-140 files on one disc depending on file size. It’s so much better then data dvds I must say. Well untill next time,peace out!