It’s been an interesting few days since I annouced I was done sharing Raws. I think I start with the retirement itself. I knew when I retired I would piss off some people. I somewhat expected it. I just didn’t expect the depths it go. Not only was I called such shit as a dictator. I even recieved threating pms from people I didn’t know. The common theme was I owed it to them to keep sharing.  Which is silly,because I’m not a K-Mart employee! I’m a dude that was sharing free files.  Any ways,some of the mud I got thrown at me would make IRC own Massy look good. Which is not an easy trick! But moving on. I retired,because frankly I want to do other stuff with my time and sharing raws wasn’t one of them. If peeps been following me for years. They know I always had one true love. That was my love for anime.  Yes,I love Toku,but if you were to ask me which I choose to follow if a gun was to my head. Anime would win every time hands down! So basicly,when it came to downloading anime and watching that or spend 8 hours uploading raws. I choose anime! Now,don’t give me wrong I love all those that helped me share and watched the raws I put up over the years. I just wasn’t going to keep doing something out of loyalty. When frankly,I hated doing it now. Plus,I’m sure all my followers will survive without me. They made that clear with thier get lost messages… lmao. You got Gust and GosePink to kick around now. I’m sure thier both up for the task.

Now on to another subject. My favorite team the Lakers.  This past week they hired a new coach Mike Brown. While other were bitching and pouting like the Lakers commited a murder. I was actually excited for the hire. People as great as Phil Jackson was. He had his flaws. The biggest one was on the defensive side of the ball. The team was tuning him out on that end and needed a new voice. That’s were Brown comes in. Now I’m not saying he will solve all thier problems,but please give him a chance before you commit sucide. Finally,to my irc bothers and sisters. Momo is coming home! Hide your women!